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Release Notes

June 2022

Quick start documentation with every build, no more symbolic links, and Tailwind 3.1!

This month’s focus has been on making it easier to get started with _tw.

When I first began this project, I didn’t expect still to be adding significant features and making major changes more than a year later, but the feedback of other users has really helped to crystallize some false assumptions on my part. The original installation instructions were needlessly opinionated, and I’ve worked over the last year to make changes to the project that will help new users get started more quickly and easily.

I’ve updated _tw’s documentation to remove all references to symbolic links as part of the recommended installation instructions. This requirement has been the most common sticking point for new users, and I’m excited to leave it behind. Part of my assumption here is that people who would like to use symbolic links know how to use them already, and that they will do so if they think it’s appropriate. For everyone else, there’s an easier way.

This functionality relies on WordPress’s ability to treat all folders within wp-content/themes as potentially containing multiple themes. I assume this is meant for repositories like Automattic’s own Automattic/themes, allowing for shared build processes for a large number of themes. It also works perfectly for _tw, picking up the nested theme folder without issue. I’m fairly optimistic this functionality won’t be removed for WordPress core in the foreseeable future, but it will be something to keep an eye on with major WordPress releases.

A readme with something to read

Originally simply adding the user-supplied description, _tw’s file now includes quick start instructions covering installation, development and deployment.

In July and August, I’m planning to rewrite all of _tw’s documentation following a similar structure.

Tailwind 3.1

The package.json file has been updated for Tailwind 3.1. The rest of _tw didn’t require changes, and the biggest difference is that the postcss-import module no longer needs to be included, as that functionality is part of Tailwind itself.

I’ve almost completed the template overhaul inspired by Varia that I began in May, but I want to use the changed templates in at least one client project before deploying them to the generator.

As always, please mention @gregsvn on Twitter if you have any questions or comments.