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Deploying to production

Put your new WordPress theme somewhere the rest of the world can see it

Deployment via zip archive

To package your theme as a zip archive, you can use the bundle command:

npm run bundle

This command will first execute npm run prod and then create a zip archive from your theme folder, in a file named after your theme slug.

The resulting theme archive can be uploaded directly to a WordPress site. Since WordPress 5.5, uploading a theme that has already been installed will result in an option to overwrite the existing theme, providing a viable path for quick deployments.

Other deployment options

When deploying via other means, you’ll need to keep three things in mind:

  • You should always run npm run prod before deploying
  • Generated files (like style.css and script.min.js) aren’t committed to git by default
  • Only the ./theme folder should be deployed to production

If you’d like to deploy from the command line, Deployer and Capistrano are both great solutions for the command-line deployment of WordPress themes. SpinupWP also has a detailed look at Deploying WordPress using the Command Line showing several different techniques.

GitHub Actions and Envoyer are excellent options as well.

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