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Generate your custom theme

The first step on your path to adding Tailwind to your WordPress development toolkit

Using this website

The quickest way to get started with _tw is to simply head to this website’s homepage and generate a Tailwind-optimized WordPress theme.

The generator offers a number of options. These ones may not be self-explanatory:

  • Theme Name: The name of your theme in title case, with or without spaces. If the theme slug and function prefix fields are both left blank, this field will be used to derive values for those fields.
  • Theme Slug: A custom theme slug if the automatically generated one is not appropriate.
  • Function Prefix: A custom function prefix if the automatically generated one is inappropriate (or, more often, too long). Please note that WordPress Coding Standards call for function prefixes of at least three characters.

All other fields provide metadata that will appear in the header comment at the beginning of the theme’s style.css file.

Using WP-CLI

For likeminded fans of WP-CLI, I’m working on a WP-CLI package that adds an _tw subcommand to wp scaffold. Details will appear here when it is complete.

Next Up

Getting started with _tw
Install Tailwind, set up your development environment and run your first Tailwind builds

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